How to recover data from Sony Xperia Z2/Z1/Z/T2

It may be the most beautiful Android phone series

When you mention that which the most beautiful smart-phone series, many people may tell you it is iPhone, and in Android phone, many people may choose Sony Xperia phone.

Although Sony Xperia phone seems to be not popular as Samsung Galaxy, and the sales is not good as Samsung Galaxy, if they want to buy a phone have beautiful design and appearance, they will choose Sony Xperia phone such as Xperia Z2, Z1,Z or T2.

How can you do when you need recover data from Sony Xperia phone?

However, even if Sony Xperia phones have good design and powerful features, they still have chance to lost data by accident.

The common situations of data loss from Sony Xperia phone:

  •   Inadvertently deleted all photos by tapping the wrong button.
  •   Root your phone and erase all data on it.
  •   Format your SD card within your smart phone.
  •   Restore your phone to original factory settings.
  •   Flash a ROM and lost all data.

If those situations happen to you, you need to recover data from Sony Xperia phone!

Ways for Sony Xperia phone photo, contacts, text messages, call logs recovery

Generally, for Android phone data recovery, you can make use of backup.
We always back up our Android phone with Gmail account for contacts, calendar data, and Google+ can help us unload gallery photos to its cloud alums. For text messages, we can copy them to SIM card for backup. For Sony Xperia phone, we can back up with PC Companion on computer and the official backup and restoration in the phone.

So when we lose data from Sony Xperia Z2/Z1/Z/T2 and want to restore data from Sony Xperia phone, we can use backup firstly.

However, if you don’t have backup, how can you recover lost data from Sony Xperia?

Tool for Sony Xperia Z2/Z1/Z/T2 data recovery without backup

To get back lost Sony Xperia Z2 data without backup, you need to use professional Android data recovery program. And before your lost data, especially photos and contacts, you had better use your phone as less as possible, what the best is don’t use the device.

Here are some easy steps to help you get back Sony Xperia phone data with software:

Step1: Download Tenorshare Android Data Recovery, and connect your Sony Xperia phone to PC with a USB cable. If you haven’t installed USB driver for your phone on this computer, a hard ware will guide you to install drive to computer.

Step2: Then enable USB debugging and turn on USB storage as the software screen prompts, and click “Next”.

Step 3: Superuser app request pops up on your phone, just click “Allow”. Then turn to the software — hit “Start” and select your file types for scanning.

Step4: After scanning, preview and select the files you need to recover. And then click “Recover”. At last, choose a location on your computer to save the recovered files.

Just 4 steps, you can do Sony Xperia data recovery easily!!


The best way to recover contacts, photos, text messages from Android devices

Android OS is still energetic

After Android L release in Google I/O 2014, we can see many new things in this new Android OS. Many comments said that Android OS has been in the bottleneck period, even if it still has the biggest marketing share in smart device OS marketing. However, I think some opinions will be turn over because Android L give a new and fresh feeling for this popular OS.

I think more and more people will use Android OS in daily life! What’s more, a common problem will keep happening for them. It is very common that people lost data from Android device because of accidental deletion, factory resetting without backup or other errors in Android devices.

Well, with some ways, we can recover data from Android easily. In this post, I would like to discuss something about Android backup and restoration, and tell you a best way to recover Android data.

General ways for Android data recovery based on backup

When you update your Android devices to Android L, and suddenly lost data, how can you recover photos, contacts, text messages, video and other files from Android L?

Generally, common users of Android will tell you to restore from backup. Yup! In Android L, backup and restoration feature become more perfect. Google services in Android L is more powerful, users can make use of more Cloud services. They back up more data in Gmail, Google+.

Therefore, we can restore lost data from backup for Android phone generally. When we lost data, we can check whether backup exist in Gmail account (for contacts and calendar data, etc), Google+ (for photos), Google drive(for any uploaded files), and the official backup and restoration apps(for the whole system data).

If we have a good habit to back up our Android phone data regularly, we don’t need to worry about data loss in Android device.


recover lost photos, contacts, text messages from android


The best way for Android data recovery without backup

As you know, we can easily restore lost data from Android when backup exist. However, when we have no any backup or the backup don’t satisfy to us, how can we do?

Is it possible to get back deleted or lost files from Android?

Indeed, it is possible, we just use a tool, but the most important is when you lost data, you had better not use your device until getting back lost data.

Then, use Tenorshare Android Data Recovery

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is an effective software to recover deleted, lost contacts, photos, text messages, videos, call logs and other files from any versions of Android. It almost support all brands of Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, HTC, LG, Motorola, etc.

How to use Tenorshare Android Data Recovery

Step 1: Launch Android data recovery software on your Windows computer and connect the Android phone to computer. There are two ways for connecting, USB and WiFi, you just follow the guides in the software.

Step 2: Enable USB debugging and storage in the phone by following the guides in the software, then the software will detect your phone.

Step 3: After detecting, make the software scan your phone.

Step 4: After scanning, you can preview the lost data in the software, just choose the one you want to recover.

More about Android Data Recovery: