How to make your Android phone faster

Android phone haven’t been just a phone Literally. People can use an Android phone to complete many tasks. With the developing of Android device, Android phone become more powerful, however, we still will face to the situations that are Android run slower and slower. That’s because when Android phone is working, there are many junk and useless files will be generated by system and apps. When those files are more and more, the space capacity of Android phone will become less, but the system need to run with a enough space, so it will reduce action speed and time to make sure the operations can be done. In this case, users will feel the device work slowly.

Indeed, we can solve this kinds of problems by ourselves. Just clean up Android phone-reducing burden!!

1.Clean App cache

When any app run in your Android phone, the will write and save many cache files on your phone. Those cache files eat many space. And you will feel app act slower and slower with the use time goes by. You can clean up app’s cache in Settings.


App cache will be created constantly when you use the apps. You need to clean up them regularly.

2.Clean your browser history

Many people may ignore the history records in browers in Anndroid phone. When we surf on Internet, there are many history data will be kept in the browser. Although they are small, when they heap to a large number, you will find your brower run slowly, and the speed of website action also stuck more.

Here, you need to regularly clear your browsers data. Except for clean cache, you can go to the browser app setting to delete all history data.

Disable useless apps

Well, you know, when an Android phone is released to market, there may be many apps have been installed to the phone. User may found that they may just use some of them, but most of useless phone will be active in background. Those useless apps’s actions will occupy the space of Android phone.

The bad thing is, you can’t uninstall them easily, you need to root your phone to manage preinstalled apps. Indeed, you can disable it instead of uninstall it. Go to “Applications” in “Settings”, tap the apps you want to disable, you will see a”Disableā€ option.

Clean your chat apps’s record

We have been used to chat with friends with online chat apps in Android phone. However, few of them realize that, the records of chats including text, photos, videos, etc also are saved in the phone. Some of chat apps may delete their record frequently and automatically, but most of files still need to deleted manually. When we find that those chat apps work sluggishly or the message sending or recieving slowly, you can try to delete chat history of the apps.

Move data or apps to Micro-SD card

To enlarge the memory of Android phone, many producer design an external Micro-SD card setting. Even in some flag-ship devices which have large capacity, Micro-SD plugging still kept. Here, we can make use of Micro-SD card to save media file. Besides, we can install or move some apps to Micro-SD card, but this feature is harder to operation in Android 4.1 and higher version OS.

less is more-just install most useful apps

Many users love to install apps to their Android phone. Indeed, most of us just use the 30% features of the phone, installing too much apps to Android phone just will be burden. We just install one or two for every kinds of apps.

Finally, to clean phone junk or useless files, you can use cleanup app. You can get many choices in App Store.

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