How to recover lost data from Android 5.0 device

Get Android 5.0 for your devices?

Android 5.0 has been released for a period of time. And many device producer have push their new version of OS based on Android constantly.Have you upgraded your devices including HTC, Sony, Samsung, Google Nexus to the newest and more powerful system? You can follow the guide came from the device producer to upgrade your phone to Android 5.0. However, do you what you should need to do before system update for Android device? BACKUP!You need to back up your device data firstly,if not your phone may suffer from data loss after Android 5.0 update.

Possible ways for Android 5.0 lost data recovery

Possibly, some common ways for Android data recovery. As an Android device user, I think you must be familiar with those data recovery ways for Android.

Firstly, we wiil check backup. Generally, Android device have “backup and restore features. One is in the device, you can see it in Setting or function list as an app. Another is in official management software provided by producer. This kind of software help user to manage Android device on computer, data transfering,system update are the based features in the software.

And then, well, you must know Google fireware service in Android OS defaultly is another useful helper to recover lost data from Android 5.0. With the help of Google sync, Google Plus, Google Drive etc, you can easily retrieve lost data including contacts, text messages, calendar data, notes, photos, videos, etc via cloud service download.

Finally, of course, you can othe backup and restoration apps which have help you backed up your phone data to get back what you lost.




Final attack for Android 5.0 data recovery without backup

Before you have not told me you have no backup when you lost data after Android 5.0 upgrade, I have know this kind of situation is common.

In this case, an ohter kind recovery way which is more powerful can help you.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro is an excellent data recovery tool based on PC to get back all lost data from Android devices/SD card immediately, including text messages, contacts, photos, videos, call history, documents, audios and other files.

It supports all Android brands, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Mototola, Sony and more. No need root your devies. Get back all lost data by Wi-Fi connected Mode or USB connected Mode.