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Android Contact Recovery without USB Debugging

A beauty of Android phone is that it has many built-in advanced features. USB debugging is one of them you can get, especially when you need to retrieve data such as contacts to the PC. But imagine if your Android phone is broken and USB debugging is not working, is it still possible to recover deleted contacts from Android phone? The answer is yes. Android Data Recovery Pro is an alternative option.

As the name might suggest, the main function of Android Data Recovery Pro is to recover photos, videos, contacts, SMS, etc. from Android including Samsung, LG, Motorola, etc.. But a great feature of this program is that it allows you to recover files from the Android phone without enable USB debugging. By establishing a Wifi connection of Android phone with a computer, this program can help you analyze, scan and recover all found contacts of the Android phone without much hassle.

Free download this Android Contact Recovery Pro and use it to recover deleted contacts from Android phone without USB Debugging now!

Recover deleted contacts from Android devices without enable USB debugging

Note: If you want to recover deleted contacts from Android phone, you must stop using your phone from the moment your data is lost. This could ensure that your data will not be overwritten.

Step 1 Connect the Andorid phone to PC

Run the program and connect your device to the computer. You also need to download an Android Data Recovery App on your Android phone first. After install the App on your phone. Tap “Scan QR Code to Connect” in the app. Scan the QR code on the PC software to get your Android phone connected.

Step 2 Scan to preview and recover deleted contacts from Android phone

Now, the program will start scanning files stored in your Android phone, and when it’s over, you are able to preview the contacts details. Go to the option “Contact” on the left panel and take a glimpse of them one by one. After that, mark down the ones you want to restore and go to “Recover” to save on PC.

If you use an Android phone, and you have sought solutions recover deleted contacts from Android phone without USB debugging, you’ve probably heard the saying “Android Data Recovery Pro” each time in a while. Just know that this program will give you total control over your important files to the device even without USB debugging. Why not give it a try?


Best way to recover Samsung Galaxy S6 Photos/Contacts/SMS and More

Lost important data on your Samsung Galaxy S6? Read this article and learn about how to recover lost or deleted photos, contacts, messages, etc. from Samsung Galaxy S6 easily.

As far as we know, Android mobile phone users have occupied most of the world market. And the Samsung Galaxy Android phones have always been considered the aristocracy. Mobile phone users in many developing countries are proud of having a Samsung mobile phone. Especially, who has the Samsung Galaxy S6. It has been considered in good quality, high technology, multi-function, but sometimes there still be some problems when we use it like Samsung Galaxy S6 data lost .For example, Samsung Galaxy S6 photos lost, Samsung Galaxy S6 contacts lost, Samsung Galaxy S6 SMS lost and more.

The reasons why you lost Samsung Galaxy S6 Data

1. Deleted files on Samsung Galaxy S6 by pressing wrong buttons.
2. Lost all important data after recovery-mode restore.
3. Update or downgrade to lower version and erase all Samsung Galaxy S6 files.
4 .Rooting failure or improper operations during rooting can cause data loss.
5. Samsung Galaxy S6 is inaccessible because of black screen, system error, locked screen (forgot password), Samsung Galaxy S6 one stuck in recovery mode, blue screen of death, etc.
6. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is crashed, smashed, broken, water damaged, lost or stolen.
7. Lost Samsung Galaxy S6 data for unknown reason or no reason at all.
8. Factory to restore lost.
Now that we know the cause of the loss of Samsung Galaxy S6 data, then, how to recover Samsung Galaxy S6 files, photos ,messages ,contacts, notes and more? Don’t worry, Samsung Data Recovery Software can recover all you lost.
Download Samsung Data Recovery Software , then, follow the guide to recover lost data from Samsung Galaxy S6. Three steps all your lost data will come back soon!
Step 1: Run Samsung Data Recovery Software and connect Samsung Galaxy S6 to PC via an original USB cable.
Step 2: Turn on USB storage, then tap “Allow” on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and click “Next” to choose files types that you want to restore.
Step 3: Click “Next”, begin to scan photos, contacts, calls, messages, videos and more on Samsung Galaxy S6. Wait a minute, all scanned data in the primary interface will be displayed. Finally, choose your lost data which you want to recover and click “Recover”.

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Similarly, if your iPhone data lost accidentally, you also can recover it with iPhone Data Recovery Software.


Top 3 ways for Samsung Galaxy phone data recovery

Need to recover your lost data from Samsung Galaxy phone?

Many people enjoy using Samsung Galaxy phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3, S4, and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Alpha are coming make Samsung Galaxy fans so exited. They use Samsung Galaxy phones to take photos, communicate with others, and share all interesting things on the web.

However, data loss also is a part of Samsung Galaxy using, many users lose their photos, contacts, text messages, or other data in their Samsung Galaxy phone. So, Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery seems to become a hot word on the web.

In fact, there are 3 easy way to help people get back lost data from Samsung Galaxy phone.

1.KIES backup and restoration

Do you know KIES? If you are a Samsung products’ fan, you must be familiar with it. KIES is a program developed by Samsung for users to manage their Samsung products including Samsung Galaxy phone.

KIES allow user back up their phone data including contacts, text messages, photos, videos from Samsung Galaxy phone. When you are in trouble to lose data from your phone, you can use KIES restore data from backup easily.

Firstly, you need to download KIES from Samsung official website. If you have backup, just connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to computer, it will detect your phone automatically. Then after detecting, you need to go to the “backup and restore” to restore data.

recover samsung galaxy data from kies

2.Use Google firmware and apps

The top 2 ways to restore lost photos, contacts, text messages, from Samsung Galaxy phone is Google firmware and the official “backup and restore” app. You must see many apps about Google in Samsung Galaxy phone. Actually, they are very helpful. As long as you have a Google account, you can use those apps including Google Sync option, Google+, Google Drive to back up your phone contacts, text messages, photos or other files to cloud server.

For recovery, it is very easy as well. As long as you sync back or download the data from the apps. And the “backup and restore” app is also very easy to use,

3.Last hope-Android data recovery software

However, the above two ways just work when backup exists. If you don’t have any backup for your Samsung Galaxy phone in KIES, Google firmware, or “backup and restore”app, you need to use the last way.

The last hope for Samsung Galaxy phone lost data recovery without backup is Android data recovery program. This kind of software can scan out deleted, formatted, or lost file in your phone and recover them with effective algorithm.

For example, Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is the good one of them.

xy data recovery software


Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is designed for Android users to recover deleted, lost contacts, text messages, photos, call history and videos on Android phones and tablets. It supports all Android brands, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, and so forth.