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My Computer Does Not See My Android Phone

When I plug my Android phone into the PC, my computer does not see my Android phone, I’ve tried re-installing the driver multiple times and that doesn’t solve the problem. I need some help please!
In fact, many Android mobile phones can connect to your computer via USB for transferring files such as music and pictures. In addition to regular transfers, some phones including the iPhone use a computer program to transfer sync data and install apps. If you know your mobile phone supports a computer connection but your computer won’t detect the Android phone, you may need to change the settings on your Android, install the correct drivers on your computer or install special software.

my computer does not see my android phone

How to Fix Computer Can’t Recognize Android Device?

There are four ways you can try to fix the computer can’t recognize Android device issues:

Way 1. Make sure your Android device is connected to the PC

1. Go the the ‘Device Manager’: either right click on ‘My Computer’ and select ‘properties’ then ‘Device Manager’ in the left sidebar, or go to ‘Control Panel’ then ‘system’ then ‘Device Manager’ from the left sidebar.
2. Next, find the Android device driver then right click uninstall. The driver may be listed under ‘Portable Devices’ or ‘Other devices’ or it may be listed under it’s own name (see the screenshot below for examples). Uninstall all entries you find. If not found at all then this intervention is not for you. Check some of the other options mentioned in this article.

Way 2. Check Your USB Cable or USB Port

Try a new USB cable to connect your Android device to your computer, or try another USB port. It’s most probably that your USB cable or the USB port is broken. Change the cable or try another USB port.

Way 3. Make Sure Your Android is Workable

Any broken device you use to connect to the computer won’t be detected. Therefore, you’d better check if your Android is still working.

Way 4. Reboot Your Computer

Many computer problems can be quickly solved if you restart the computer. This process will end all programs and files so that any conflicts will be closed. After rebooting your computer, connect your device again to computer.

Note: Click here, you will get more ways to fix computer doesn’t recognize Android phone.

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Two best ways to Add Contacts from CSV to Android

I have just replaced my old phone with a new HTC Hero. Is there a way of importing all my contacts from CSV onto my HTC?

Don’t worry, in this article I will show you two best ways to help you import CSV contacts into Android.

Method 1: Import Contacts to Android from CSV with a Gmail Account

If you have a Gmail account, that’s so great, it will be so easy to transfer .csv contacts to your Android phone. You only need to upload the CSV file to your Gmail account, and then sync the account on your Android phone. The detailed steps are as follows:
Step 1: Sign into your Gmail account.
Step 2: Click on the large Gmail letter on the top left below the Google logo and get the drop-down box.
Step 3: Click on Contacts. Find More and select Import in the drop-down menu.

add contacts from csv to android

Step 4: Then you will see a dialogue, asking you to import contacts. Click on “Choose File”, go to where the CSV file is saved, select it, and click Open, choose Import to upload the CSV file to your Gmail account.
Step 5: After the above Step is done, all the contacts in CSV format have been uploaded to your Gmail account.
Step 6: On your Android phone, sign into your Gmail account.
Step 7: Go to Settings > Accounts & sync. Find your Google account and choose it. Select Sync Contacts > Sync now. When this is done, all CSV contacts will be on your Android phone.

Note: If you mistakenly deleted contacts, sms, photos or other important data from your Android phone(Samsung Galaxy ,HTC , Motorola,Sony etc.), you can use Android Data Recovery Tool to help you get back all lost.

Method 2: Import CSV Contacts without a Gmail Account

That is extremely convenient if you have a Google account. But what if you don’t have one, you also can add contacts from csv to Android without a Gmail account. The detailed steps are as follows:
Step 1: Do the same the above mentioned 5 Steps, and skip Step 6, click More… > Export… select the group where all the CSV contacts are saved. Choose to save as vCard format. Click Export to download the vCard file on your computer.

import csv contacts into android
Step 2: Connect your Android phone to computer with an USB cable. Once detected successfully, go to Computer and find your Android phone.
Step 3: Open Android phone. Copy and paste the vCard file.
Step 4: On your Android phone, tap Contacts category and click the virtual button left to the main button to show the menu. Choose Import/Export > Import from USB storage > Import from SD card.
Step 5: Then save Contacts to Phone or your accounts. Search for the vCard file, and choose Import vCard file. Then all CSV contacts will be imported to Android phone.

I find the two ways to add contacts from CSV to Android in here, hope can help you.


My PC Doesn’t Recognize My Android Phone, How to fix it?

Every day, many of us connect our Android phone or tablet to computer to perform a multitude of actions. Rooting Android device, transfer files, install new updates, etc. All these actions need to make connecting our Android phone to the computer via USB but what if my PC does not recognize the Android phone?

This is a very common problem among users who connect their Android phone to PC. Especially in case you want to update or root the Android device or lost data on Android phone want to get them back on PC, it is necessary to connect the device to computer through USB.


If your PC does not recognize your Android phone and you do not know what to do, here are four solutions that shall solve your connection problem in most cases.

Solution 1:

First ensure that you have the “USB debugging” option enabled. To do this you have to access “Options developers”. If you do not have this option enabled, you have to enter “Settings”>”About device” and press several times on “Build number” on your Android phone.

Solution 2:

If the device is Samsung, install Kies as the necessary drivers. If not installed or is not a Samsung device, download the latest package drives.

Solution 3:

1 – Go to My Computer On your PC.
2 – Right click and hit “properties”.
3 – Click on “hardware” on the menu that appears.
4 – Click on “Device Manager”.
5 – Tap on “Universal Serial Bus Controller (BUS)”.
6 – Press the right button and “enhanced host controller”.
7 – If you are disabled then enable it.

Solution 4:

Go to “safely remove hardware”.

That does not recognize the device, click on it and select properties appear.

In the overview, it indicate that you have to install the device driver. If so, click on where it says “change settings” and a sign that says reinstall driver, or something similar appears.

Then you’ll ask if you want to find the driver automatically or within the PC software. Click on the second option.

Now choose the type of device you want, you must choose the one that says, wire transfer, or such USB. Click on it, and to read the USB device.

I hope that some of these solutions will help you fix “My PCdoesn’t recognize my Android phone”. If you know any alternative solution, do not hesitate to share with us.


How to Install Android USB Driver on Windows 8

To connect our Android device to Windows 8, we need to install a USB driver for our device. In this article, you will know how to install Android USB driver on Windows 8.

To install the Android USB driver on Windows 8 for the first time, we need do the below steps:

1. Connect our Android-powered device to your computer’s USB port.
2. Right-click on “Computer” from your desktop or Windows Explorer, and select “Properties”.
3. Select “Device Manager” in the left pane.
4. Locate and expand “Other device” in the list.
5. Right-click the device name and select “Update Driver Software”. This will launch the Hardware Update Wizard.
6. Select “Browse my computer for driver software” and click “Next”.
7. Click “Browse” and locate the USB driver folder.
8. Click “Next” to install the driver.
Tips: If you need to recover data from Android phones and tablets, you can use Android Data Recovery Software .

To upgrade an existing Android USB driver on Windows 8 with the new driver,we need do the below steps:
1. Connect our Android-powered device to your computer’s USB port.
2. Right-click on “Computer” from your desktop or Windows Explorer, and select “Manage”.
Select “Devices” in the left pane.
3. Locate and expand “Android Phone” in the right pane.
4. Right-click Android Composite ADB Interface and select “Update Driver”. This will launch the Hardware Update Wizard.
5. Select “Install from a list or specific location” and click “Next”.
6. Select “Search for the best driver in these locations”; un-check “Search removable media”; and check “Include this location in the search”.
7. Click “Browse” and locate the USB driver folder. Click “Next” to upgrade the driver.
Tips: The Google USB Driver is located in \extras\google\usb_driver\.

Click this link, you will know more about how to install USB driver for any Android device.


Unable to Send Full Video on WhatsApp: How to Fix it

As we known, WhatsApp does not allow to send a video more than 16MB, regardless of Android phones or iPhone, but recording videos with smartphone is very normal nowadays, and a full video with about 40 sec will be around 20 MB, so it is annoying that we can’t share or send a full video to families or friends on WhatsApp in most case.


Then how to fix the issue of can’t send full video on WhatsApp?

If you don’t want to install any third-party plug-in board on your phone, you can try this simple way, only need an YouTube or other video Apps(with encryption) has installed on your phone:

The operation is simple :

  • 1. Send your video to the YouTube set encryption on the files.
  • 2. Retrieving the address (URL) of the video.
  • 3. Give this URL to your families or friends.
  • 4. Receiver click on this URL to watch the full video.

But if you don’t want any other person to watch your videos, although it can be encrypted. And cloud service is another choice for you. The principle is similar to the method above, also need to install a cloud service APP you want on your phone(such as Dropbox).

Take Dropbox as an example:

  1. Install and launch Dropbox on your phone, choose a full video on the APP, tap the drop-down and select “Share”, click on the “Copy link” on the pop-ups list.
  2. Open WhatsApp on your phone, find a friend you want to share the full video, paste and send the link to your families or friends.
  3. Receiver get your link and open it, he/she will download the full video to watch.

The advantage of cloud drive is it not only can send the large full videos on WhatApp, but also can share other files which is larger than 16MB. So we you will be suggested to use this method.


Try to fix computer can’t recognize Android phone problem during Android data recovery

Data loss from Android phone has not been a mystery now. So many users may accidentally lost data from Android devices. And, there are many Android data recovery programs on various platforms for them to get back what they lost from Android device.

However, during they are doing Android data recovery, they find that computer may cannot recognize their Android device. Generally, some reasons including hardware and software cause this kind of problem. We can fix this problem in both aspects.

1.Hardware checking

We need to check whether hardare equipments work or not. If your Android device has been connected successfully, you can see a USB logo in notification bar. Sometimes, the non-recognization may cause by Android device, cable, or the computer, whether The USB ports can be connected well in Android device and computer. If the problem comes from USB cable, try to change another one. However, if you find the problems result from the USB ports, it will be more trouble, you may need to take the device to repair center to replace the ports.

2.Software setting

Actually, the problem of Android device can’t be recognized is caused by software commonly. After confirming hardware is workable, you need to check software settings in Android device and computer.

1.On Android device.

Generally, if you want computer can recognize your phone, you need to enable USB debugging in phone Settings>Developer options. Some user may can’t find Developer options in Settings, in this case, just go to About Phone in Settings, tap the system version of the device, the Developer option will occur in Settings.

When you enable USB debbuging, the computer will recognize a new device has been inserted, and it will install driver for your Android device automatically. The Android device will ask you to allow the permission for the computer.

Besides, some brands of Android devcie has been set different modes when USB connection, you need to choose one that can’t be read by computer.

Android usb connection modes
2.On computer
Well, if your Android device is set well, but computer still can’t be recognize it, you need to check computer setting.

Firstly, try to Update your computer OS. Sometimes old system (most often Windows) will not recognize any Android device (or any USB device). And it’s always a good idea to update your system. Remember not to install too many updates at the same time (not more than two or three), though.

On the other hand, Android device even is not in the ADB list of cpmputer. If your Android device wasn’t on the adb List, you can do the following changes to make it appear:

1.Make sure USB debugging is enabled from device, and do the following on your PC:

2.Update Android SDK (Google USB drivers updated)

3. From PC Control Panel, System -> Device manager -> Nexus 4 (the name of your Android device, here we take Nexus 4 for example) -> Install driver.

Set Android SDK as path to search, include subfolders checked. After that, adb devices list will include your Android device.

You can check your Android phone to see what caused your phone’s connection problem and choose the most suitable solution.

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Android on Mac-Recover videos from Android device on Mac without root

Android and Mac OS seem to be not so “friendly” to each other because different program languange and market competition. So,when you need to do some data recovery for Android device on Mac such as Android deleted videos recovery on Mac without root, you may be frustrated because don’t have idea to get back lost Android data on Mac OS.

Although Android OS and Mac OS are quite different, there are some ways can achieve Android videos recovery on Mac.

Be hopeful for Android videos recovery on Mac

Most user think deleted files in Android device are impossible to be recovered, because Android OS has no recycle bin feature. Therefore, some of them may operated irrationally. Indeed, after any data loss, many operations can make data writteing that may result in useless data is removed. It means, deleted data won’t be removed immediately untile new data save to Android device.

At last, when data loss from Android happen and you want get back them, you had better keep your device safely, use it as less as possible.

What ways I know about how to recover videos from Android on Mac winthout root

To recover deleted, lost videos from Android on Mac without root, we can try to ask help for backup firstly. I used Sony Xperia Z L36H, there is a backup and restore app provided by Sony, this app can help user to back up and restore data in the phone. Besides, I also use Google Drive to save important files including videos in my Xperia Z, when files haven’t been in the phone, I can download back again easily. So, if some similar situations happen to you, you can check whether there are any backup for your lost videos. And this way don’t request you root your device.


Recover Data from Android device on Mac OS


However, life won’t be what we think. If no backup can help you get back lost files from Android device, you can use other program that is desiged for Mac OS.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery for Mac is a professional program for Mac OS to recover delted, lost data including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, call history, app files or other data from any brands of Android devices. You don’t need to root your phone firstly for using this program. And this program realizes the desires from Mac user to recover Android data on Mac computer.

I think you can try to use my ways to get back your deleted,lost videos from unrooted Android device on Mac.


How to recover lost data from Android 5.0 device

Get Android 5.0 for your devices?

Android 5.0 has been released for a period of time. And many device producer have push their new version of OS based on Android constantly.Have you upgraded your devices including HTC, Sony, Samsung, Google Nexus to the newest and more powerful system? You can follow the guide came from the device producer to upgrade your phone to Android 5.0. However, do you what you should need to do before system update for Android device? BACKUP!You need to back up your device data firstly,if not your phone may suffer from data loss after Android 5.0 update.

Possible ways for Android 5.0 lost data recovery

Possibly, some common ways for Android data recovery. As an Android device user, I think you must be familiar with those data recovery ways for Android.

Firstly, we wiil check backup. Generally, Android device have “backup and restore features. One is in the device, you can see it in Setting or function list as an app. Another is in official management software provided by producer. This kind of software help user to manage Android device on computer, data transfering,system update are the based features in the software.

And then, well, you must know Google fireware service in Android OS defaultly is another useful helper to recover lost data from Android 5.0. With the help of Google sync, Google Plus, Google Drive etc, you can easily retrieve lost data including contacts, text messages, calendar data, notes, photos, videos, etc via cloud service download.

Finally, of course, you can othe backup and restoration apps which have help you backed up your phone data to get back what you lost.




Final attack for Android 5.0 data recovery without backup

Before you have not told me you have no backup when you lost data after Android 5.0 upgrade, I have know this kind of situation is common.

In this case, an ohter kind recovery way which is more powerful can help you.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro is an excellent data recovery tool based on PC to get back all lost data from Android devices/SD card immediately, including text messages, contacts, photos, videos, call history, documents, audios and other files.

It supports all Android brands, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Mototola, Sony and more. No need root your devies. Get back all lost data by Wi-Fi connected Mode or USB connected Mode.


How to make your Android phone faster

Android phone haven’t been just a phone Literally. People can use an Android phone to complete many tasks. With the developing of Android device, Android phone become more powerful, however, we still will face to the situations that are Android run slower and slower. That’s because when Android phone is working, there are many junk and useless files will be generated by system and apps. When those files are more and more, the space capacity of Android phone will become less, but the system need to run with a enough space, so it will reduce action speed and time to make sure the operations can be done. In this case, users will feel the device work slowly.

Indeed, we can solve this kinds of problems by ourselves. Just clean up Android phone-reducing burden!!

1.Clean App cache

When any app run in your Android phone, the will write and save many cache files on your phone. Those cache files eat many space. And you will feel app act slower and slower with the use time goes by. You can clean up app’s cache in Settings.


App cache will be created constantly when you use the apps. You need to clean up them regularly.

2.Clean your browser history

Many people may ignore the history records in browers in Anndroid phone. When we surf on Internet, there are many history data will be kept in the browser. Although they are small, when they heap to a large number, you will find your brower run slowly, and the speed of website action also stuck more.

Here, you need to regularly clear your browsers data. Except for clean cache, you can go to the browser app setting to delete all history data.

Disable useless apps

Well, you know, when an Android phone is released to market, there may be many apps have been installed to the phone. User may found that they may just use some of them, but most of useless phone will be active in background. Those useless apps’s actions will occupy the space of Android phone.

The bad thing is, you can’t uninstall them easily, you need to root your phone to manage preinstalled apps. Indeed, you can disable it instead of uninstall it. Go to “Applications” in “Settings”, tap the apps you want to disable, you will see a”Disable” option.

Clean your chat apps’s record

We have been used to chat with friends with online chat apps in Android phone. However, few of them realize that, the records of chats including text, photos, videos, etc also are saved in the phone. Some of chat apps may delete their record frequently and automatically, but most of files still need to deleted manually. When we find that those chat apps work sluggishly or the message sending or recieving slowly, you can try to delete chat history of the apps.

Move data or apps to Micro-SD card

To enlarge the memory of Android phone, many producer design an external Micro-SD card setting. Even in some flag-ship devices which have large capacity, Micro-SD plugging still kept. Here, we can make use of Micro-SD card to save media file. Besides, we can install or move some apps to Micro-SD card, but this feature is harder to operation in Android 4.1 and higher version OS.

less is more-just install most useful apps

Many users love to install apps to their Android phone. Indeed, most of us just use the 30% features of the phone, installing too much apps to Android phone just will be burden. We just install one or two for every kinds of apps.

Finally, to clean phone junk or useless files, you can use cleanup app. You can get many choices in App Store.

More reference:

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What you deleted has been deleted exactly? You need to know Android data recovery is possible!

Factory Resetting is effective to prevent private things to be

Most people hold the points that, deleted file in Android device will say goodbye to them forever. So, when they want to sold their Android phone as second-hand, they will do a factory resetting for their phone to wipe all personal information in the phone.

With the help of factory resetting, most of us think our secrets won’t be known by other guys. However, what you see is true?

Nope! Your secrets in Android phone can be recovered after resetting.

Some experts have had a test for Android data recovery. They bought some second-hand from the web, and told those sellers that they needed to do factory resetting previously. After getting those devices, experts try to use some software to scan those second-hand Android phones that have been resetting.

The result is, data in the 80% of tested phone can be scanned and recovered. Including photos, contacts, text messages, call logs, web history or other information in Android phone can be saw and restored.


You must be so surprised; especially you ever sold your old or inactive phone. Because of the possibility of data recovery in Android, our privacy is easy to be exposed to unknown other guys.

Why Data recovery is possible in Android device?

So, any deleting, formatting or wiping operations for files in Android means those files are removed from the memory space of Android phone? Indeed, it is not exactly.

The expert said, when we deleted some files from Android phone, the file management system in OS merely directly delete or remove corresponding pointer in the file table, instead, it just marks the space which is occupied by the file as free for new data. All in all, the fact is that, after deleting, formatting or factory resetting, the file is not removed, and the data may be still in the phone drive or memory card.

factory rest data still can be recovered

Based on this principle, anyone has the possibility to recover data from Android after factory resetting. However, most Android OS have been customized by producers, some producers make their phone directly remove some kinds of data when deleting happen.

What kinds of ways can restore lost data from Android device after resetting

Well, expert can find out your invisible data after resetting in Android phone via some tools. So, other guys who have bad proper also can get your deleted information in Android phone.

Of course, all recovery software in the market are made for personal use, their purpose is that helping people restore lost data from Android device. We can find many effective Android data recovery software. For example, Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro which is a professional Android recovery software to recover deleted, formatted, lost photos, contacts, text messages, videos and other files from Android device.

Hey, have you learned more about factory resetting of Android phone? If you want to prevent your privacy from exposing, you can you some data wipe tool to clean your phone after factory resetting.