My PC Doesn’t Recognize My Android Phone, How to fix it?

Every day, many of us connect our Android phone or tablet to computer to perform a multitude of actions. Rooting Android device, transfer files, install new updates, etc. All these actions need to make connecting our Android phone to the computer via USB but what if my PC does not recognize the Android phone?

This is a very common problem among users who connect their Android phone to PC. Especially in case you want to update or root the Android device or lost data on Android phone want to get them back on PC, it is necessary to connect the device to computer through USB.


If your PC does not recognize your Android phone and you do not know what to do, here are four solutions that shall solve your connection problem in most cases.

Solution 1:

First ensure that you have the “USB debugging” option enabled. To do this you have to access “Options developers”. If you do not have this option enabled, you have to enter “Settings”>”About device” and press several times on “Build number” on your Android phone.

Solution 2:

If the device is Samsung, install Kies as the necessary drivers. If not installed or is not a Samsung device, download the latest package drives.

Solution 3:

1 – Go to My Computer On your PC.
2 – Right click and hit “properties”.
3 – Click on “hardware” on the menu that appears.
4 – Click on “Device Manager”.
5 – Tap on “Universal Serial Bus Controller (BUS)”.
6 – Press the right button and “enhanced host controller”.
7 – If you are disabled then enable it.

Solution 4:

Go to “safely remove hardware”.

That does not recognize the device, click on it and select properties appear.

In the overview, it indicate that you have to install the device driver. If so, click on where it says “change settings” and a sign that says reinstall driver, or something similar appears.

Then you’ll ask if you want to find the driver automatically or within the PC software. Click on the second option.

Now choose the type of device you want, you must choose the one that says, wire transfer, or such USB. Click on it, and to read the USB device.

I hope that some of these solutions will help you fix “My PCdoesn’t recognize my Android phone”. If you know any alternative solution, do not hesitate to share with us.


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