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My Computer Does Not See My Android Phone

When I plug my Android phone into the PC, my computer does not see my Android phone, I’ve tried re-installing the driver multiple times and that doesn’t solve the problem. I need some help please!
In fact, many Android mobile phones can connect to your computer via USB for transferring files such as music and pictures. In addition to regular transfers, some phones including the iPhone use a computer program to transfer sync data and install apps. If you know your mobile phone supports a computer connection but your computer won’t detect the Android phone, you may need to change the settings on your Android, install the correct drivers on your computer or install special software.

my computer does not see my android phone

How to Fix Computer Can’t Recognize Android Device?

There are four ways you can try to fix the computer can’t recognize Android device issues:

Way 1. Make sure your Android device is connected to the PC

1. Go the the ‘Device Manager’: either right click on ‘My Computer’ and select ‘properties’ then ‘Device Manager’ in the left sidebar, or go to ‘Control Panel’ then ‘system’ then ‘Device Manager’ from the left sidebar.
2. Next, find the Android device driver then right click uninstall. The driver may be listed under ‘Portable Devices’ or ‘Other devices’ or it may be listed under it’s own name (see the screenshot below for examples). Uninstall all entries you find. If not found at all then this intervention is not for you. Check some of the other options mentioned in this article.

Way 2. Check Your USB Cable or USB Port

Try a new USB cable to connect your Android device to your computer, or try another USB port. It’s most probably that your USB cable or the USB port is broken. Change the cable or try another USB port.

Way 3. Make Sure Your Android is Workable

Any broken device you use to connect to the computer won’t be detected. Therefore, you’d better check if your Android is still working.

Way 4. Reboot Your Computer

Many computer problems can be quickly solved if you restart the computer. This process will end all programs and files so that any conflicts will be closed. After rebooting your computer, connect your device again to computer.

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