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How to Connect Samsung Tablet to Laptop

“I am getting crazy now! My Samsung tablet can’t connect to laptop via USB cable. I have tried to connect so many times but it doesn’t work. I have restarted the tablet and laptop so many times but it doesn’t work. I am so nervous about it. I need your help! Does anyone have the super helpful suggestion? Thanks in advanced. “


Samsung Tablet is a kind of tablet that is released by Samsung. Although it is not as popular as Apple iPad, it is still has the market share of the tablet series because of the large numbers of Samsung mobile phone users. Sometimes we need to connect Samsung tablet to the PC, in order to send some materials. However, the personal computer can’t recognize this tablet, how to connect them? Don’t worry about it too much! In this post, we are going to talk about how to connect Samsung tablet to laptop. You can’t miss it!

Solution 1: Connect Samsung Tablet with USB Debugging

(1) Tap the icon Apps at the upper-right corner of the screen when the phone is in standby mode.
(2) Tap Settings.
(3) Scroll the screen upwards and then tap Developer Options.
(4) Uncheck USB Debugging.
(5) Connect the tablet with the computer using a USB cable. After a few seconds, a drive letter will appear among the drive letters in My Computer, indicating that the connection is established successfully.

Solution 2: Connect Samsung Tablet with Kies

Kies is a free software that is able to help you connect your Samsung tablet to laptop. First of all, you need to download it to your laptop. Then you need to access Kies via Wi-Fi option by tapping the Settings icon on the Home screen. Within the Settings screen, tap More Settings in the settings list on the left side of the screen. The Kies Via Wi-Fi option appears within the Kies section of the Wireless and Networks settings list As long as your tablet is able to connect Wi-Fi, then you can connect wirelessly using the Kies via the Wi-Fi function on your tablet.

Solution 3: Connect Samsung Tablet with Wi-Fi

In order to connect this tablet to laptop, you can use Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro. It has the function to connect Samsung device via Wi-Fi.
Step 1: First of all, you need to download this application from official website and then install it to your laptop. Then to open this software and see the user interface of this app.
Step 2: Then you need to download and open Android Data Recovery Pro from Google Play and install it to your Samsung tablet.
Step 3: Click “Scan QR code to connect” button on the phone and then to scan the QR code to get connected right now.

Step 4: After the connection, you need to use transfer data between Samsung tablet and the laptop. At last, disconnect the connection of the software, tablet and laptop.

Well, that’s all the ways about how to connect Samsung table to laptop. Really so easy to do that, right. In my eyes, the last way is the best one. Which one is your best method? And if you have any other practical suggestion, please feel easy to share with us.